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She Contractor is a newly innovative presence that serves as a complimentary and efficient

Option for women engaged in the field of construction. As it’s commonly known construction is a male dominated industry and the apparel is geared to serve that purpose. In that regard most tradeswomen resort to wearing men’s work apparel or regular clothing in the field.
She Contractor is committed to bridge that gap by providing affordable, safe and appropriate trade wear for women. It is imperative that women in the construction trade have the opportunity to have access to work gear that is conducive to the task.
Apparel is not the only concept She Contractor is striving to achieve. We will also be instituting on-line classes, and seminars that will serve to enhance industry information for women already in the trade, as well as those who may be interested in exploring the field. In the near future we plan to publish a world- wide directory of active women in the trade, as well implement a pod-cast that will offer invaluable resources.


We come in all shapes and sizes, so Returns will be accommodated for up to 14 days of receipt of items; with the cost of refund on the buyer. There will be NO REFUND on worn apparel or accessories; however, we do offer a 30-day exchange policy which is also by cost of the buyer

Want to join the She Contractor Steering Committee?

We’re looking for leaders and partners to move the mission forward.
Send us an email to info@shecontractor.com.


A She Contractor is a tradeswoman, a woman owned business that offer services to the trades world and a woman owned business.

Fill out an application to join the directory, purchase apparel, get mentored, take classes and/or join the movement.

No, She Contractor is not a contracting company it’s a organization for tradeswomen that owns a apparel line, has a global directory and a Podcast.

The directory does not guarantee jobs, wages or marketing for individual people or businesses. 

Anyone that receives complaints from customers that found them on the She Contractor’s directory can be removed immediately, but not without sharing their side of the story.

A customer can contact whomever they want for their projects.  There is no discrepancy between using more than one person or company.

Yes, the She Contractor apparel and accessories line is available for wholesale purchases with 6 or more items.

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